Thursday, 18 January 2007

Welcome to forensic medicine resources ...

Having hosted an educational website ( for medical students and pathology trainees on forensic medicine and pathology for several years, I thought it was about time to enter the world of bloggers ...

As I discover interesting resources on the web, I will post them on this blog, and would encourage visitors to comment on them, and share their own sites or items of interest!

With so much information available, I will try to be selective, and provide links to the most accurate and 'evidence based' sources (as far as is possible!), and would urge visitors to do the same.

Forensic medicine and pathology are fascinating subjects, and encompas every conceivable branch of medicine, where there are attending legal issues, and so the scope of this blog will necessarily be wide ranging. I hope that you will find these posts of use ... happy reading!

An excellent introduction to forensic science and medicine can be found at the National Library of Medicine (USA) 'Visible Proofs' exhibition website, which includes galleries of images and many educational resources including radio broadcasts and interviews with practitioners.