Friday, 19 January 2007

Some excellent new anatomy and anthropology resources ...


Anatomy teaching has changed over the years, from extensive cadaver-based sessions, to the study of prosections, and more recently, computer-based learning etc.

There are many excellent web based anatomy resources, and some of the best include movie clips and examples of dissected specimens.

Wikipedia provides a useful starting point for general and regional anatomy, with a description of, for example, the anatomy of the neck (of vital importance when considering a 'diagnosis' of strangulation).

The University of Wyoming has an excellent skeletal anatomy resource, with Quick Time movie clips of bones, whilst the Wright School of Medicine, Dayton (USA) has an excellent Quick Time resource including selected dissections.

The Lumen dissector illustrates human dissection, and has an online 'quiz' on anatomical structures (Learn'em) and an excellent cross sectional anatomy resource.

The University of Colorado (USA) has a selection of animated 3D sequences of structures, whilst the University of Michigan has video clips of regional dissections, including that of the anterior neck. An animated illustration of the structures of the larynx can also be found on the 'Anatomia' site (University of Toronto, Canada).

For the 'old school' anatomy students, the 'antique' Gray's anatomy has also been re-produced online, whilst the excellent 39th Edition can also be accessed online to those who have bought the book.

Forensic Anthropology

Several sites provide clear and well illustrated resources for forensic anthropology, including 'Osteointeractive', from the University of Utah (USA) which has a forensic anthropology section.

Paleopathology, including clear images of bone injuries (with
movable images of skulls with gunshot wounds) is presented by the University of Wyoming (USA).

Forensic Dentistry

For those interested in dental anatomy and forensic dentistry, Forensic Dentistry Online is the best resource on the web.

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